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Neha Kakkar Broke Into Tears While Remembering Her Love During a Live Concert!

Bollywood’s famous singer Neha Kakkar last month grabbed headlines due to her break up with actor Himansh Kohli. She posted about her heartbreak on Instagram too and revealed that she really broke down. After her heartbreak, now Neha seems moving on with life. Amidst of that, a video of her is getting viral on the social media. In this video, Neha can be seen singing a romantic song.

But what caught the attention was she broke down into tears while singing that romantic song. Actually, recently Neha reached at Sardar Patel Stadium Ahmedabad for a Live concert. Meanwhile, the show, she asked the audience that they ever loved someone? And she said further that here people with broken hearts are more than the one who are in relationships.

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After that, Neha started humming the song, Tujhe Chaha Rabb Se Bhi Zada, Phir Bhi Na Tujhe Pa Sake. While singing the song, she got emotional and the tears were visible in her eyes. In the video, she can be seen broke into tears. This viodeo of Neha got more than 40 lakh views.

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