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High Life Never Tolerate These Five Things In Your Relationship

Never Tolerate These Five Things In Your Relationship

Verbal or Emotional Abuse

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I think this is worse than hurting someone physically. Because sometimes words cut deeper than swords. So, never ever tolerate that if your partner is doing the same with you. Sometimes it is difficult to realize that you are becoming the victim of emotional abuse but whenever realize just leave that person as soon as possible.


Trust is a significant thing in every relationship, it is the base of your relationship. But if your partner broke your trust and cheated on you, never ever trust them again because it is not worth. The person who cheats you once doesn’t deserve your trust and love again, just leave them.


If someone is really in love with you or cares for you, there is no room for violence. If your partner is hurting you physically, it means that he doesn’t really care about you. Meanwhile, he doesn’t deserve your love or care anymore. Let them go to hell and just take care of yourself. Leave them as soon as possible, because it is a sign that he will be more violent in future.

Body Shaming

Body shaming is not acceptable, no matter what. Moreover, if your partner is saying you fat, ugly or other unacceptable words than ask him to keep a check on his mouth. But still, if he is doing the same then leave him. Because nobody is perfect here so what’s the matter if you are like that. “It is important to know that you are Important”. Never change yourself for anyone. Tell your partner to accept you as the way you are, otherwise leave him.

Forced Sex

Don’t do anything which you don’t want to do even if you are married. If your partner is married to you it doesn’t mean he will do whatever he wants, having sex with your partner against her wish is called “marital rape”. Never ever tolerate that. If you are married to him doesn’t mean he can dominate you, after all, you are his wife, not a sex slave. So, don’t tolerate “marital rapes”.

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