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New Age Panties To Keep You Clean And Dry During Periods

Girls! Those days of wearing dark colored boring panties on your period and constantly worrying about the bloody stream has finally come to an end! What if you didn’t have to worry anymore about the flow with that constant thought of changing the sanitary pad with an added bonus of wearing the sort of Panties you like? A Dream! But Dreams can change into Reality and this one really has. Heard it right! New Age Panties to keep you clean and dry during periods.


Thinx have come up with this superb award-winning patented technology that keeps you clean, dry and looking fly on your period.

What these Panties Do?

1. Moisture Soaking

These Panties take care of all the apill and flow during your period. These soak all the moisture leaving dry and rocking throughout the day.

2. Super Absorbent

These panties come with multiple layers that can absorb and hold upto two tampons worth of liquid depending upon the design and style of the Panties.


3. Anti-microbial

They also come with an invisible silver treatment layer that fights off any bacterial or microbial growth. So its completely safe.

4. Leak Resistent

With a super heavy moisture retaining capacity, even your whitest pants are safe and free from stains.

So Wait..Thinx Panties can Outdo both Tampons and Pads? 


Your choice

No one knows your flow better than you. While in most cases thinx can replace tampons and pads and even menstrula cups, you can even pair it with a pad or a tampon for the day with heavy flow.

How it Works 


Every pair of THINX has a top layer which works to soak all the liquid as quickly possible, into the uber thin absorbent layer right beneath it. THINX are wearable for all day long as you dont have to change them like pads and tampons. No, they don’t feel like diapers and it doesn’t feel like sitting in a pool of your blood.

All you need is A Good wash to clean them!


Just like a regular pair of panties you just have to rinse them thoroughly under running water. Give a regular cold wash and hang them dry in the open. NO fabric softeners or chemicals must be used to treat them with.



You can have a pair for every period. Or different styles for different days on period!

Each style of THINX comes with varying levels of absorbency and with different areas of protection as shown below.

  • For lgihtest days, try a thong which can hold upto half a tampon worth of liquid.


  • For light days go for the cheeky THINX which can hold upto one tampon’s worth of liquid.


  • For medium days you have the Sport, holding upto one and a half tampons.


  • Heavy days can be sorted using the HipHugger with a capacity to hold upto 2 tampon’s worth.


Now you can feel awesomely confident and superbly dry as Period woes have finally met their match! For more information about THINX panties visit Shethinx.

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