News New Face Of Indian Railways Under The 'Make In India' Initiative

New Face Of Indian Railways Under The ‘Make In India’ Initiative

The brand new Indian Railway Coaches are changing the facet of Train Travelling and is a big stride under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The usual woes of Train Travel are now set to take a backseat as these new brilliant and beautiful coaches will soon be in use.


The project was launched in 2011 to redesign and rebuilt the interiors of the train prioritizing the designs to give the coaches a ‘Homely’ experience.


The new Facet of Indian Railways has been designed by Bhopal’s coach rehabilitation workshop (CRWS), Nishatpura, the 24 coaches recently had a trial run between the stations of Bhopal and Bina at a speed of 120 kph. And soon enough, you might get to travel in these.


The new coaches come fully equipped with jerk-less springs for a smooth and comfortable journey. The interiors are brightly colored and the floors come with carpet-like textures.


Using the toilets will no longer be a displeasure as the new trains have been installed with bio-toilet system and they sure do come with SOAPS!

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The side berths have been made bigger and equipped with modern amneties such as snacks table and comfortable seats.


The latest high-tech features include LEd reading lights and multiple charging points.


Additional features in the coaches include fire proof seats and fire extinguishers on either side taking all safety measures of the passengers by the makers.


Surely looks like the re(berth) of Indian Railways. *Pun Intended* 😛

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