Karan Johar’s House Party Video: Forensic Science Laboratory Gives Clean Chit

Karan Johar party video that went viral for the wrong reasons, got a clean chit from Forensic Science Laboratory.
News A New Neptune-Like Planet Has Been Discovered By The Scientists

A New Neptune-Like Planet Has Been Discovered By The Scientists

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According to the NASA, a new Neptune-Like planet has been discovered by a group of international scientists. The planet is located 437 light years away from the Earth. All the data regarding this planet was collected by the NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes which further revealed some interesting facts about the atmosphere of a newly discovered planet.

Neptune like planet
Source; Global Orchestra

It has clear skies and an atmosphere entirely composed of helium and hydrogen. It is being designated as ‘Warm’ Neptune as it is much closer to its parent star.

As per reported by Deccan Chronicle, Professor David Sing, from the University of Exeter said: “This exciting new discovery shows that there is a lot more diversity in the atmospheres of these exoplanets than we have previously thought.”

Sing further added: “This ‘warm Neptune’ is a much smaller planet than those we have been able to characterize in depth, so this new discovery about its atmosphere feels like a big breakthrough in our pursuit to learn more about how solar systems are formed, and how it compares to our own.”

Scientists diiscover new Neptune-like planet
Source: Venngage

The data is published in the journal Science and according to the Mirror, Co-author Dr. Hanna Wakeford, from the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, said: “Astronomers have just begun to investigate the atmospheres of these distant Neptune-mass planets, and almost right away, we found an example that goes against the trend in our solar system.”

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