TikTok banned in India: Here’s The Reaction Of TikTok Stars

The government of India has now banned 59 Chinese app which also includes the popular Tik Tok app. And here's the reaction...
News New Pandemic Virus Spreads In China After Corona, Warns The World!

New Pandemic Virus Spreads In China After Corona, Warns The World!

After the coronavirus havoc that spread from Wuhan, now a new dangerous virus has stirred up in China. According to the reports, this new flu virus found in pigs in China has become more contagious to humans, which has been emphasized to be closely monitored as it may also prove to be a ‘pandemic virus’. However, there is no immediate danger from this, according to the experts.

Researchers says that this virus has been found in the blood of laborers working in pig farming. Now, researchers are monitoring the virus with immediate effect in humans, especially those working in the pig rearing industry.

The study has explained the risk of this virus, which can spread to people living in densely populated areas, especially in China. Those close to farms, animal husbandry centers, slaughterhouses and meat-fish markets are at greater risk.

According to study, Pigs are considered important ‘mixing vessels’ for the genesis of pandemic influenza virus and a demand for ‘effective monitoring’ of this problem has been raised.

Let me tell you that ‘Mixing Vessel‘ is an animal that is infected with more than one influenza virus at a time and in which the genes of the virus combine together to form a dangerous form.

China took action in 2009 after the outbreak of birds H1N1 restricted flights from affected countries and kept thousands of people in the quarantine. Meanwhile, the world is still fighting with the biggest pandemic this time and now everyone is demanding to take an immediate monitoring action on this new virus.

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