New World Record Of Internet Speed, Can Download 1.78 Lakh Movies Of 1GB In 1 Second

The world is witnessing a significant increase in internet demand amidst lockdown and growing work from home culture. However, during this time, slow internet speed often becomes a cause of trouble. But in the same crisis, London scientists have set a new world record in terms of internet speed.

World record of 178000 GB per second

Scientists at University College of London have achieved a terrific downloading speed of 178TB (Terabyte) per second. 1TB is equal to 1000GB. In such a situation, 178TB per second downloading internet speed can be estimated. Simply, you will be able to download about 1.78 lakh movies of 1GB within just a second. Earlier, the world’s fastest Internet speed was 172 terabyte, which was achieved by Japan’s National Institute for Communications Technology. The minimum internet speed in India is 2mbps. However, for the speed of 178 TB per second, we will have to wait for now, because it is the latest experiment technology, which is yet to be tested extensively.

The fastest Internet speed record in the world has been created by Dr. Lydia Galdino in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, Xtera and the Kiddi Research Team. For this, the researchers increased the bandwidth used in optic fiber. Meaning, they used wider wavelength than before. Also used amplifier technology to strengthen the signal. The team of researchers used a wavelength of 16.8 terahertz (THz). For some selected markets, this wavelength is 9THz. The wavelength with which you run the Internet has a bandwidth of only 4.5THz.