High Life Humour New Year Resolutions That We Love To Break!

New Year Resolutions That We Love To Break!

Promises are made to be broken  New year resolutions are made to be broken ! We make many resolutions at the start of the year but hardly follow them up throughout the year.It happens with everyone.Let’s see the typical new year resolutions that we keep :



When the year comes to an end , we promise ourselves to shed those extra kilos . We promise ourselves to eat healthy or to go to the gym / workout regularly.But the sad truth is we hardly keep that resolution.


Piggy_on_Money1Setting financial goals is one of the important ones . We make a resolution to save more money , to get financially organised  or to spend less.But these plans are usually so vague that how can they stick?


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We may make a vow to get in better relationships or to improve the ones we currently are in.We don’t want to make last year’s relationship mistakes but you can’t  force the other person to your will and that’s why this one fails.


smoking-alcohol-cholesterolFor some of us it may be the alcohol or smoking problems.And while it’s a good thing to quit these drugs altogether , it might be easier said than done.


7-manage-stressWe all struggle at managing stressful situations. Be it your work,your relationship with certain people , your kids or your general day to day to life, some situations can be pretty stressful to handle.We may make a new year resolution to get emotionally strong and face these situations better but it will take a lot of inner strength to do just that.

Lets make a resolution to keep these new year resolution this year!

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