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The top three Korean K-pop brands in the Rookie Idol Brand Reputation Rankings for October 2023 are NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, and ZEROBASEONE. Big data study based on community awareness, media attention, and customer involvement was published by the Korea Business Research Institute. From September 3 to October 3 of the idol groups that made their debut in 2022 or after, substantial data was gathered.

Rankings of the Top 5 Rookie Idol Brands (October 2023)

The top spot on the list was taken by NewJeans. The five-person female group HYBE has maintained the top spot for the past six months. For the month of October, the K-pop group’s brand reputation index is 4,367,463. Super Shy, Hype Boy, and League of Legends Worlds held the top three positions in terms of NewJeans use.

LE SSERAFIM remained in place at number two, same as last month. LE SSERAFIM enjoyed a brand reputation index of 1,389,556, a fall of 38.28% from the previous month.


A WakeOne Entertainment organisation called ZEROBASEONE, on the other hand, had a brand reputation index of 1,328,695. It decreased from previous month to 38.28%.With a remarkable increase of 215.03 percent from the previous month, BOYNEXTDOOR rose to the fourth spot on the list. The Top 5 list was completed by H1-KEY, which had a brand reputation index of 857,396.

Rankings of the Top 30 Rookie Idol Groups for October 2023

Numerous idol groups entered the Rookie Idol Brand Reputation Rankings’ Top 30 list in addition to the Top 5 spots. The following are some of them: RIIZE, PLAVE, EVNNE, NMIXX, FANTASY BOYS, Kep1er, tripleS, The Wind, xikers, CLASS:y, mimiirose, TEMPEST, &TEAM, Queenz Eye, We;Na, ADYA, ARTBEAT, n.SSign, CSR, NINE.Girls’ World, i, X:IN, YOUNITE, LIMELIGHT, and TRENDZ.