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Hot Actress And Ram Gopal Verma’s Girlfriend Who Got Disappeared Suddenly From Films Found in Delhi 

Remember the hot actress Nisha Kothari whom we have seen in the films like Sarkar, darling, Aag, Go, Darna Zaroori Hai, Agyaat etc? Where is she now? Is she fine? She got lost suddenly from the Bollywood. According to the latest reports, she is happily married and staying in Delhi these days. As per the sources, she tied the nuptial knot about 2-3 years ago. It was Nisha’s mother who revealed about her marriage. She simply said, “Nisha is happy, very happy.”

When the sources insisted her mother to talk about her daughter’s marriage, Mrs Kothari quickly excused herself, saying, “Nisha will call you and talk on this.” Well, according to media sources, Nisha Kothari born as Priyanka Kothari married a Delhi-based businessman Mr Bhasker Prakash in October 2016. She also runs an NGO named Nisha Foundation.

To let you know, Nisha also dated Ram Gopal Verma. She has been his girlfriend. Nisha entered Ramu’s life soon after Antara Mali drifted away from him. She was last seen at a Celebrity Soccer Match in Delhi.

She was looking completely transformed then as she put on a lot of weight. Nisha looked a far cry from her Bollywood days. Standing just next to Baba Ramdev, she was being treated no less than a VVIP.

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