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Heart Wrenching Story Of Famous Actress Forced Into Prostitution Got AIDS Met With Tragic Death




Nisha Noor, whether this name is not that famous as Deepika Padukone is now, but this was popular in 80’s era of south Indian films. She was so popular that superstars Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan wanted to work with her. In some films, she has featured with these stars even. However, even getting popularity she didn’t get that position she deserved.

Nisha Noor

It is said that a producer fraud fully put Nisha into the prostitution. After that what happened was people of film industry cornered her. They used to avoid her and when she did not find a way she left the industry. But after that, the situations become more worse for her. No one from the industry came to see her.  

Nisha Noor

Slowly her financial situation went down. It is said that in the last days of her life she was dealing so worst that she found on the roads. During that phase, she was counting her last breathes. Nearby people made her reach to the hospital where she was diagnosed with HIV. She was diseased with AIDS. In the year 2007, she got defeated by life and died. 
forced inbto prostitution died tragically

According to a leading website, when Nisha was found near the Dargah Of Nagaur in almost dead condition, there were ants and insects crawling over her body.

You can better know how horrible it is to even suppose.

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