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News Amritsar Train Tragedy Shall Haunt Public This Dussehra!

Amritsar Train Tragedy Shall Haunt Public This Dussehra!

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Amritsar Train Tragedy will be completing one year this Dussehra. Previous Year’s Dussehra burnt not only the Raavan but the entire humanity. The Amritsar train tragedy shall be completing one year this Dussehra. 19th October of previous year can be termed as the black day in the Indian history.

People Enjoying Dussehra Were Run Over By Train

A ground near Joda Fatak in Amritsar was all set with the preparations for the celebrations of Dussehra, the popular Hindu festival. People who wanted to cherish it from a distance, were standing at the railway track. A passing train ran over the people and killed the spectators. Reports said nearly sixty people were killed but the locals and the witnesses were petrified to see the mass deaths and said more than two hundred people lost their lives.

Video Of The Incident

Another Train Passed By At The Same Time!

The witnesses say that only DMU train did not run over the people. It was Amritsar Howrah Mail train also which came blindly at the same moment and contributed in killing more number of people.

Spot Where Accident Took Place
Railway Minster’s Tweet After The Incident

Amritsar Turned As The Land Of Blood!

The holy city on the day of Dussehra turned as the land of blood. People were blown away into the air by the train and few of the people were broken into chunks by the train wheels running over them. Huge number of families who came to celebrate the festival all together got finished within the fraction of seconds. While it was equal fault of people not considering risk important and standing on the train track to enjoy burning of the effigy of the Raavan, On the other hand the officials should not have allowed organising of such event at a risky place. The public’s anger could be seen afterwards in the form of protests.

Controversy Involved

Navjot Kaur Sidhu, wife of MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu was the chief guest for the event organised. She came late and that is why people waited for the ceremony. But the Congress party’s Madam Navjot claimed that she had already gone before the accident took place. Another Controversy lies in the victims still screaming for the monetary claims which government hasn’t given them till date.

Madam Navjot Kaur

This year’s Dussehra shall haunt Amritsar all over again. The affected locals and people might not be able to celebrate Dussehra ever again. The good over evil totally proved opposite in this case.

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