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Entertainment 'No One Will Be Satisfied' Maisie Williams Reveals A Disappointing News About...

‘No One Will Be Satisfied’ Maisie Williams Reveals A Disappointing News About Game Of Thrones’ Finale

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They say expectations often lead to disappointments. While we were expecting something out of the box in a positive manner in our favourite show GOT’s finale, Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark shares something which will leave you numb.

Game of Thrones’ 8th and final season will be premiering soon in April. For this season, the fans have been waiting for more than a year. Somewhere deep within, we know we’ll lose our beloved characters and teaser of the 8th season has already given the signs. There’s going to be lots of bloodshed. But how will it all end? This question is swirling in everyone’s mind.

Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark recently stated that the ending will leave no one satisfied. Yes, that’s what she said.

“I don’t know that anyone is going to be satisfied. No one wants it to end, you know, but I’m really proud of this final season. I’ve always felt ashamed to say things like that, but I am. I’m really proud of all the work we’ve put it, for me, it’s the right time. I hope people like it.”

To let you know, the Game of Thrones season 8 will air on April 14 on HBO. With only the four members left from the Stark family which is actually 3, it will be interesting to see the climax of the series.

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