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News Nokia 3310 Has A Big Problem, Consider It Before You Buy One

Nokia 3310 Has A Big Problem, Consider It Before You Buy One

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The new Nokia release date is approaching but this information about the phone will disappoint you. The revamped Nokia 3310 was one of the biggest hits from the Mobile World Congress trade show last month.

First released around 17 years ago, the Nokia 3310 became the largest selling phone for the Finnish technology company. And now, HMD Global, the hardware company which sell phones under the Nokia brand added a number of advanced features to bring the new Nokia 3310 up to date with viral devices.

Nokia 3310 Has A Big Problem, Consider It Before You Buy One

The overhauled feature phone now includes a two-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and an overhauled Snake game. But before you go to but this new phone you must be aware on one thing.

Despite of having number of new features, the new Nokia 3310 runs on 2G network. According to the specifications listed on the Nokia website, the new phone will only be able to function on standard GSM frequencies between 900 MHz and 1800 MHz.

And that could prove to be a problem as number of countries are looking to switch off the 2G network in coming years. It turns out that 2G network is pretty old. The frequency was first used in the 1990s, and was the first to digitise mobile phone transmissions – protecting your data and ensuring that only the intended recipient could receive it.

Here’s a full list of 2G networks and when they will shutdown.

Image Source: Express

It was 2G network that first introduced the ability to send SMS. But clearly demand for 2G network is declining gradually, leading some countries to decommission their 2G infrastructure in the effort to create more availability of newer technologies.

The news comes as HMD Global revealed the new Nokia 3310 will not ship with WhatsApp. The 2017 edition of Nokia 3310 does ship with access to Twitter and email but does not ship with WhatsApp – the world’s most popular messaging application. That could prove to be a hassle for Nokia 3310 buyers.

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