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Bollywood Actor’s Wives Who Share Equal Stardom And Status As That of a Star Without Doing Any Film

1) Gauri Khan

The wife of King Khan. She is an interior designer by profession and has also been a film producer since recent times. She is a style icon and is famous as an actress.

2) Mira Rajput

The new in the list is Mira Rajput. Wherever she goes she makes headlines. People like to explore about her. She is outspoken as well as a fashion diva.

3) Sussanne Khan

The ex-wife of Indian Greek God Hrithik Roshan. Interior designer, entrepreneur, single mother, reader and closet poet. She as famous as a Bollywood actress without working in films.

4) Meher Jesia

Arjun Rampal’s beautiful wife Mehr Jesia is former Miss India and supermodel. She has a great interest in sports and is the mother of two daughters.

5) Avantika Mallik

Wife of chocolate boy Imran Khan, the beautiful Avantika Malik wants to be a film producer. She has a daughter Imara. To your surprise, she is famous of course for being the wife of Imran Khan but also for dating Ranbir Kapoor in the past.

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