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Entertainment Non Fiction Books You Would Love To Read

Non Fiction Books You Would Love To Read

For all the book lovers out there – who doesn’t love a good book with a cup of tea? Good books come in handy when you want to sit back peacefully in your bed and relax after a long day . Here’s a list of few light hearted non fiction books that will make you realise the importance of small everyday things.
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What alice forgot

what alice forgot

This book is for those who now and then wonder about how fast the time passes! Interesting read revolves around the story of Alice, who has forgotten ┬áthe past 10 years of her life and doesn’t like the person she has become now.

Eat pray love

This is one of my favorites. A good book puts into words what you already know (subconsciously).This book does that and so much more.Its a beautifully written book which is divided in three parts – food, talking to your inner self and love. Its a must read !

Tuesdays with morrie

tuesdays with morrie

“Once you learn how to die,You learn how to live”

This book teaches you so many little things. Its a true story which begins when Mitch Albom rekindles his relationship with his teacher after 16 years and starts the final lesson : the meaning of life.

The mountains echoed


This book comprises of short stories which revolve around the lives of two siblings who are separated by their father. Its based in Afghanistan. The undercurrent theme of love is really inspiring.

The perks of being a wallflower

This is the kind of book that you will cherish reading. Its a really simple,short and stupendous piece of work. Its a journal of Charlie, who has gone through something bad(I won’t give any spoilers) he is a wallflower i.e. an introvert . This book traces his journey to infinity. Yes! It is a movie too.

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