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News Cyber Threat, North Korea May Be Planning To Hack Into ISRO And...

Cyber Threat, North Korea May Be Planning To Hack Into ISRO And Other Indian Agencies

Till today, North Korea’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is likely not capable of transporting a nuclear warhead. But in coming days, it could become a nuclear capable, according to the Pentagon officials.

north korea planning to hack ISRO
Source: India Times

Moreover, there is also a general shift in the recent hacking attacks mounted by the North Korea’s state-sponsored hackers. Earlier this week, an international cyber threat report was published which examined the North Korea’s online activity.

Kim Jong Un’s cyber attitude against the Indian Space Research Organisation’s National Remote Sensing Centre and the Indian National Metallurgical Laboratory’s facilities is highlighting a warning to the Indian cyber security system against the upcoming threat.

In simple words, North Korea May Be Planning To Hack Into ISRO And Other Indian Agencies.

An article named as “North Korea’s Ruling Elite Are Not Isolated” was published on the website of Recorded Future. Interestingly, they found an interesting trend while tracking the outbound Internet traffic from North Korea between April 1 to July 6 this year.

north korea hack ISRO
Source: The Indian Express

This data and analysis demonstrate that there are significant physical and virtual North Korean presences in several nations around the world, nations where North Koreans are likely engaging in malicious cyber and criminal activities. These nations include India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nepal, Kenya, Mozambique, and Indonesia.

North Korea Has A Broad Physical And Virtual Presence In India

Students from North Korea have enrolled in at least seven universities in India. Some of them may also be working with several government agencies.


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