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News North Korea’s Latest Missile Failure Won’t Stop Kim Jong to Strike U.S.

North Korea’s Latest Missile Failure Won’t Stop Kim Jong to Strike U.S.

North Korea’s latest attempt to test-fire a missile was a failure, with the rocket exploding seconds after launch, according to American officials monitoring the nation.

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North Korea’s recent test-fire of a nuclear missile was a failure, the rocket exploded after few seconds of the launch, according to the American officials.But experts have warned against reading too much into the misfire.

An undated photo released by the state news agency of North Korea allegedly shows the test-firing of a submarine missile.

But according to analysts this is not the first time, the North Korea’s missile have crashed and burned, similar incidents had happened in the past.It  may be the speed barrier in the road of North Koreas objective of building a nuclear weapons cable missile capabale of hitting the United States.

According to Fraser Cameron, director of the EU-Asia Center, a think tank based in Belgium,

“These failures are usually hidden from [North Korea’s] population and are unlikely to deter Kim from pursuing his nuclear ambitions”

North Korea and his Dictator Kim Jong un showed his military and nuclear strength when the state run tv channel KRT news news anchor told speak about the preemptive strike against the US.The report said: “Our military declares our stand to mercilessly smash all of our enemy’s moves with our own preemptive special operation and attack, as the wicked plan for the U.S. and South Korean war maniacs’ special operations aiming at our supreme leader is becoming apparent.”

North Korea started its missile plan in 1970 and has been testing short range and medium range missiles that are capable of hitting America’s allies in Asia like South Korea and Japan. Tests for the medium-range missiles have had a very high failure rate, however.

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