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Not Active in Films, Even Then How Gulshan Grover is Successful?




‘I am a very common middle-class family man’ says the iconic villain of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover. He recently talked about his life in an interview. He told that he was doing a course in Roshan Taneja’s acting school. There along with Anil Kapoor, many other stars used to come to learn acting skills. Meanwhile, Gulshan Grover got a job there.

He became an acting teacher. One day Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Dutt visited the school. Sunil Dutt noticed Gulshan Grover and he offered him a role in the film Rocky. There it was, his film career started.

Gulshan Grover says now Bollywood films don’t include villains. The pattern has changed. When he got to know about this change, he decided to change his mind too over films. Gulshan Grover started working in foreign films. According to him, he is the first actor of commercial cinema who started Bollywood to Hollywood transition.

He is the first actor who is doing the Polish, Iranian, Malaysian etc films. According to him, though we are getting ahead digitally, nothing can replace theatre experience.