There are certain days when we feel or Look our best. But why So? we’re the same every single day then what makes us look not so perfect on those days? Yes! Guessed it right! Accidentally of course, but sometimes we do happen to pick the wrong clothes for our stature making us look shorter or broader. Dressing up is an Art, we shall learn more about today! Ladies.. This way.. 😉

Tight Clothes


Most of us go for tight and hugging clothing with the thought that it makes us look slimmer defining our curves but sadly its not so in every case. Super Tight clothes, be it pants, or dresses or Tops or even skirts are all a Big NO if we really wish to wear clothes that flatter our body. It draws attention to unwanted areas accentuating them which in turn makes us look wider and broader.

Wide skirts


Wide skirts though seem feminine but make you look wide except if paired a hugging top. Go for thinner fabrics with minimal prints and intricate detailing.

Quarter Pants


Quarter Pants were quite a craze some time back but its not one of the best fashion outbreaks we’ve witnessed. However, it is only for girls blessed with never-ending Spidery legs as they cut at a weird angle making our legs look bigger and our midriff wider.

Printed Pants


Printed Pants too became a common fashion choice for many but sadly printed pants with larger prints look heavier in width and colors thus, adding more area to your entire frame. If you ever wish to wear printed trousers make sure they come with smaller prints.

Loose Tops On Loose Bottoms


Girls! If you’re doing Baggy on Baggy then its not one of the smartest pairups. It only makes you look shorter and Wider.

Wide Belts Paired with Dresses


Wearing wide belts in contrasting colors paired with dresses draws attention to your midriff by adding a wide horizontal line at your waist area. Narrow belts with colors that mix in with your outfit is a better option.

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