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Trending Nothing Speaks More About A Celebrity Than Their Vanity Vans

Nothing Speaks More About A Celebrity Than Their Vanity Vans

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Vanity vans are definitely second homes to almost all celebrities who work long hours at shoots away from their home. A place where you spend so much of the time must be electic and just according to your taste right? So it is safe to say that these celebrities have had their Vanity Vans designed to suit their comfort as well as their absolute style quotient!

1. Shahrukh Khan


King Khan’s vanity an is nothing close to ordinary. The Badshah of Bollywood has more of a futuristic spaceship which he especially got designed from DC Design, his trustworthy Dilip chhabria who has worked for SRK for quite some time now. Dilip said that designing the van was a challenging task to bring functionality and aesthetics together in a ‘Bus’. It took a total of 30,000 man hours on a timeline of two-and-a half months.

2. Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar while shooting for his upcoming movie Singh Is BlingĀ in Romania, had a vanity van called from all the way from Bulgaria! His van is awesomely functional lined with a massage chair and the bedroom extended to a regular-sized room like one at home. The van also boasts of a huge dining area and a fully functional kitchen! Absolutely ‘King’ style for the ‘Singh’.

3. Ajay Devgn



Ajay Devgn’s swaggy Vanity Van is surely something to be bragged about. The Singham has a fully equipped gym and contemporary indoors. The swanky exteriors are designed by a Gujarat based Designer.

4. Varun Dhawan


Avrun Dhawan posted a picture of his classy looking new Vanity Van after his previous one met with a small accident. His Vanity van looks dashing enough to compliment the actor’s style and good looks lined with designer furniture and glass doors!

5. Kapil Sharma


The ace comedian has not only made a mark for himself in the industry but also possesses a grand vanity van. Kapil Sharma may not boast of insane money but definitely has some style put in his vanity.

6. Malaika Arora


The sizzling model/actor has no deficit of riches as we all know. ‘Being’ not only Dabbang producer’s rich wife she also has quite an amazing reputation in the industry for her work. Also, Malaika being a sexy style icon has a big mirrored dressing room in her vanity!

7. Sonam Kapoor



We all know Sonam kapoor as the fashionista that she really is, her vanity itself is quite posh! It is interesting to see how these celebrities put in extra effort so that their vanity vans reflect their personality and style.

8. Hrithik Roshan


The mega-star that he is, his vanity being high-tech and futuristic surely looks like one! The van speaks of Glamour and decor with interiors dimly lit in blue color which is not so surprisingly the actor’s favorite color!

9. Salman Khan



What can you expect of our ever so handsome and stylish Sallu! His Van is exceptionally luxurious and the van has poortraits and artworks of himself! The soft lighting and lush interiors are sure to give a royal feel!

10. Alia Bhatt


The superbly cute and relatively newcomer ALia too has a swanky Vanity van. Her vanity van speaks about her personality like none of the other star’s does! One glance inside the van and you know that it must belong to a young chirpy girl like Alia!

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