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The Notification Of Being Tagged On Facebook Can Be A Virus In Disguise

The hub of all the socialites, Facebook, seems to have become active playground for hackers, spammers and many cyber criminals. Every sort of ill activity is being tried and tested on a social platform as big as Facebook. Facebook seemingly offers the best platform for carrying out any experiment.

facebook notification virus

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A new virus in the market chooses its targets via Facebook on Google chrome. The malicious virus, disguises itself as an innocent notification of Facebook and flashes on your screen. The user apparently gets a notification that he/she has been tagged or mentioned by one of their friends. Make the mistake of clicking this notification and then bare the consequences!! As soon as you click, the malware gets downloaded in your device.

facebook notification virus

The malware disguises itself as a Google Chrome extension which tricks all its Facebook users into clicking on the link, blindly and unravel the world of viruses.

It is not yet known if the malware only targets Google Chrome or if there are other browsers like Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera that are experiencing similar problems. The issue has only been reported on Chrome as for now. Facebook should now be cautious on how its platform is being misused and work a little harder to protect its existing users!!

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