World’s most famous social communication site, Facebook, has recently added some new features to its previously released “Facebook Live”. No matter where ever you are, now enjoy your each and every moment with your family and friends with Facebook Live. Facebook Live is the latest wide spreading initiative from Facebook which enables its users to stream and post videos live, thus enabling anyone to share its real life moments live with anyone. Facebook Live is a step towards reducing isolation from the world and can really benefit physically challenged people a lot.

Facebook-Live 1

Along with sharing your live fantastic moments, Facebook has also added a new feature to its Facebook Live known as “Live Reactions”. It allows users to post live comments in response to Live Posts and videos, Enabling you to attach your feelings with your friend’s feeling and make the moment far much bigger and better to live. This feature also allows you to reply live broadcasts live.

Facebook has also added a very important feature in support of above-mentioned features which is to search and find a video which you want to watch and another new feature to share the videos with your friends which you want them to watch.

These features will be rolling out to Android and IOS very soon with the hopes of new and better  features in future from Facebook.

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