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News Technology Now Manage Your Expenses Like A Pro With These Useful Apps In...

Now Manage Your Expenses Like A Pro With These Useful Apps In 2017

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Since the sudden announcement of demonetisation of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes on 8th of November by PM Modi, India is adopting ways of digital payments and transactions through various apps like Paytm, freecharge and many others.

But in addition to these payment getaways, there are a number of apps available on the google play store which can help you manage your manage your finances, track your expenses and keep a check on your balances and a lot more.

Here are few of such useful apps which you must must give a try :

1. Walnut

walnut app google play store

We really liked Walnut and recommend that you try this one out. It analyzes your messages before starting up and makes an expense log itself. This includes debits from your bank account, payments for cabs or any other expenses for which you have received messages.

The app further allows you to split bills with your friends, transfer money to them for free and check balance of all your accounts from a single place. You can request your friends to send you money via Walnut too.

The best part of its money transfer feature is that if the person who has to receive the money does not accept it within two days, it gets refunded. Most importantly, it helps you find the nearest ATMs with cash, a feature that we believe can be very useful.

2. Expense IQ

expense IQ app google play store

This app helps you organize your spending and allows you to sync this data to the cloud, so that you can access it from any device, anywhere. Other than that, you can add your account to the app like you do in any other expense tracker apps. Expense IQ lets you set bill reminders, generate expense reports as well as manage cash flow and balance.

The app is very feature rich and we liked it for the attention that it pays to details. For instance, if you are managing expenses categorically, you can edit the category, view transactions in it and also add sub-categories.

3. ET Money

ETmoney google play store

ETMoney has a very easy-to-use UI and is an effective expense tracker that helps you keep a tab of what you’re spending and where. You can assess your recurring cash spending once along with frequency, and the app then adds them up to calculate your spending pattern.

ETMoney comes with numerous offers and recently introduced a SmartDeposit feature, which allows you to keep your savings and 8% annually. An insurance-related feature will be added to the app soon.

4. Money Lover

money lover google play store

This is another expense tracker app that we really liked. Unlike Walnut, Money Lover doesn’t track your expenses automatically and you have manually add them. It’s pretty easy to do that though as you only have to enter the amount and choose the expense category.

For instance, if you spend money to get your phone number recharged, you can choose the ‘Phone’ category. Other than this, you can track your debts (if any), analyze your spending patterns, check savings, add recurring transactions and connect the tracker to your bank account. We liked the app for its simple user-interface.

5. Money 360

money 360

Money360 has a dashboard which shows your income, expenses and balance. It also shows cash balance. You can set reminders and transaction alerts for yourself with Money360, as well as check all your transactions at one place.

It also allows you to view the calendar to see on which date you did a transaction or received money. However, some features are only available to Pro users.

6. Mobills

mobills app gogle play store

We loved this app because it looks really organized. Mobills comes with a dashboard that shows your accounts, income, expenses and balance credit card limit. It also lists expenses categorically, the budget that you have set and the transactions done in the last one week.

All this information is organized and can be viewed as a pie chart. Mobills has a list of ‘Dreams,’ which is basically like a bucket list you can make for yourself. This is one feature that really sets Mobills apart from the rest of the apps in the list

7. Expense Manager

expense manager app google play store

Other than doing what other expense trackers do (eg keeping a summary of transactions, budget management, bank transfers), it comes with few additional tools.

These include calculator, currency convertor, discount and tax calculator, tip calculator, loan calculator and more.

Expense Manager also lets you make your shopping list within the app and can be used to save notes for future reference.

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