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News Now Students Will Need A Local Guardian For Taking Admissions At Universities...

Now Students Will Need A Local Guardian For Taking Admissions At Universities In Different City Or Town

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Students who came to different cities and towns for pursuing their studies will now need to register a local guardian with the institution or university  as a part of their admission process.

The need to have a local guardian necessary for students from different places to join any university was backed by Human Resource development minister Prakash Javadekar. He added this suggestion to the recommendations which was made by the Roopanwal judicial commission. The same commission which examined the suicide of Rohith Vemula a PhD scholar from the university of Hyderabad.

As reported by The Hindustan Times, Javadekar said :

In my college days there used to be a local guardian system for students coming from outside. I think that was a very good system and we must bring it back.

The decision of having a guardian for students in the admission process would be made mandatory or not will be taken later.

The minister however had nothing to elaborate on what would be the fate of those students who don’t have a local guardian.

File Photo : Human Resource Development minister Prakash Javadekar.

“There are a number of students who come from far-flung areas and don’t have guardians. So, how will you assign a guardian for them? A better thing would be to assign senior tutors to a group of students, which is done in Cambridge. Also, online counselling should be done as students prefer it since it is not face-to-face,” a former V-C said on the condition of anonymity.

The ministry has even decided to introduce induction programmes for the new students because they come from various diverse sections of the society and may need adapt themselves with the college’s atmosphere.

In central or other universities people come from rural areas and they need a robust programme to feel at ease. There are other measures such as mentoring by the students which can be adopted. We are adding new suggestions to the recommendations made by the commission. We want all coluniversities to come out with a system so that we will see no more suicides on campusesthe minister said.

The Roopanwal panel even suggested of appointing approachable academic counsellors together with establishing grievance redressal cell for those students who are socially unprivileged.

When asked about making the judicial commission’s report public, the minister said the government has six months to submit a report in Parliament.

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