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Now This Company Is Selling A Cow Urine Hand Sanitizer, It’s True

Shubham Banyal



If you are living on the Earth right now, probably you also have the fear of getting an infection of coronavirus.

meanwhile, in this world of many dimensions, the lack of hand sanitizers is now becoming a big fear. While hovering around the internet for the same. I have found- a hand sanitizer made of cow urine

a hand sanitizer made of cow urine
You also know some jokes don’t need to be explained, they are jokes themselves.

This supernatural thing is available on Amazon. This hand sanitizer contains ‘distilled cow urine obtained from indigenous cows’. Additionally, blended with aromatic essential oil and Ganga Jal for a superfusion fragrance.

This is the product description.Distilled cow urine, obtained from indigenous cows, is gelled with aromatic essential oil and Ganga Jal to make antiseptic Cowpathy Alcohol free Hand Sanitizer.

Not only this, if you need more nourishment, then the company is also selling Cow Dung Bath Soaps. Have a look-

Haha, see, I don’t recommend you purchase this mud pack at all, nor its multiple flavors! We respect other’s efforts and beliefs. Meanwhile, please stay updated for the news and stay safe.

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