Justin Bieber Opens Up On Being Suicidal

Justin Bieber recently revealed that in spite of having so many people around him, he once had suicidal thoughts.
News Technology Now You Can Use Jio 4G Services Even On 2G or 3G...

Now You Can Use Jio 4G Services Even On 2G or 3G Smartphones

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Mukesh Ambani brought a revolutionary change in the Telecomm Industry by offering free 4G internet service and unlimited voice calling in India. Though it made the competitors angry and left them amused, the whole of India saw this as a boon.

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Well who would not think ? If you are getting 4G internet service and that to without spending a single penny, I think there’s nothing more anyone could want for right now. Reliance Jio broke all the records in the Tele-Communication Industry as people swarmed in to subscribe to Reliance Jio to avail the offers.

But it was just a small number of people who were not so luck to avail this revolutionary offer. And those were the people who still did not have a 4G mobile handset. The only drawback until now was that the 4G service worked on a 4G mobile phone. But not anymore ! and this is a great news.

Image Source : The Indian Express

Now, the Reliance subscribers can simply experience the Jio 4G on a 3G or even on the 2G Android smartphone. Yes, sounds really interesting right and why it should not be. Who doesn’t want the free internet, of course, we all want.

This is how you can use 4G service in a 3G or 2G supporting smartphone :

But, how? To experience the Jio 4G services on your 2G or 3G smartphones you have to use the JioFi 4G Portable Voice + Data Device. Yes, with this portable device you can simply enjoy the Reliance Jio 4G services as this portable device offers more than just data connectivity. As this device is just an entire bouquet of Reliance Jio services. And not only that this portable device JioFi also provides voice and video calls.

To use the voice call feature simply you have to download the Jio4GVoice on your 2G or 3G Android smartphone from the Google Play Store. Then you can simply connect your smartphone to the JioFi’s WiFi network (Hotspot) to make voice calls. Even you can also make unlimited video calls, SMS and enjoy unlimited 4G data.

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