PM Modi All Set To Meet China's President For India's NSG Membership

PM Modi All Set To Meet China’s President For India’s NSG Membership

The crucial Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) meeting on 22 June 2016 really made it a very hard way for India to become a member of NSG as China stands as a barrier against this petition of the country. In the important NSG meeting which was held in Seoul, this incident occurred where China started opposing the requests of Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar.

According to some critics, this problem has raised due to the past actions of our country, which refused to sign the Non-proliferation Treaty by stating the threat of danger due to nuclear weapons as the reason.

PM Modi with Xi Jinping for NSG
Source: Indianexpress

Along with India, three other countries including Pakistan, Israel, and South Sudan also refused to sign this treaty, but unfortunately, only the members who signed this treaty were given importance in the meeting.

This is what  Chinese Foreign ministry has said in a statement, “Deliberation on the entry of specific countries is on the agenda of the Seoul plenary meeting( June 23-24). However, it is worth noting that the meeting is only to deliberate on the entry application of countries that are state parties to the NPT.” 

Although even China is standing in the opposition of India’s membership in NSG, The USA, and France already standing on our side. “In line with its active and long-standing support to India’s entry to the NSG as a full-fledged member, France calls on its members… to take a positive decision,” said the French Foreign ministry

Moreover, the USA also thinks that by giving India the membership of NSG, only the nuclear trade of the world will be regulated.

India’s Plan To Sort Out The NSG Matter:

PM Modi to visit China
Source: Thehindu

The news also confirms that, after the refusal of Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar in the meeting, PM Modi has himself decided to meet the Chinese President Xi Jinping on the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s annual summit. The main purpose of this visit is to support India’ bid for the NSG membership.

Full review of the bilateral ties takes place on such occasions,” said the West Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sujata Mehta.

There is still no confirmation about the further reports of matter but the membership of our country into the NSG only depends on  Modi’s hands.

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