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Entertainment This WWE Superstar Has Been the Victim of Fappening, Suffered Humiliation Because...

This WWE Superstar Has Been the Victim of Fappening, Suffered Humiliation Because of Leaked Nude Video

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WWE female star Paige has already announced that she is not retired yet. According to the 25-year-old British wrestler, her neck surgery has been done and she will soon make her entry into the rings. However, the recovery will take some time and she will not be able to get into the ring for nearly a year. Earlier, news had come that due to the injury in the neck, the Paige would no longer be able to enter the ring, due to which she decided to take retirement.

Last year in December, during a fight match between six female wrestlers, Sasha Banks mounted the pole in the corner of the ring and hit the shoulders of the Paige with both legs. This made Paige injured. She had fallen there and did not get up. At that time everyone felt that this would be a simple injury. But after several check-ups, it was discovered that it was a severe neck injury and that the Paige’s return to the WWE ring is extremely difficult. However, now Paige announced that she is recovering and will return soon to the WWE rings.

Leaked Nude Video

Rising star in the WWE rings, Paige has been the victim of Fappening. As per the reports, some videos and photos of Paige were leaked by the hackers last year in which she was performing a sexual act. There were two male wrestlers also in the video.

She suffered immense humiliation for that. It is said that the photos and the videos leaked, were real! When investigated, it was found that her photos and private videos were stolen from her and then uploaded to the internet. Despite all this, the WWE suspended her for 30 days.

The real name of Paige is Saraya-Jade Bevis. Paige is her ring name. She was born on 17 August 1992 (age 25) in Norwich, Norfolk, England. She won WWE Divas Championship 2 times. She featured in Hollywood films too.


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