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High Life The Real Reason Behind Your Numb Feet And Their Proper Treatment

The Real Reason Behind Your Numb Feet And Their Proper Treatment

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Ever felt your feet not responding when you sit on a place for a very long time? this happens due to the decreased blood flow of that body part due to various reasons like tiredness, exhaustion, and pain. It does get’s alright after some time but have you ever thought that why this numbness occurs in the first place? If not then maybe its the time to run your mind and read its cure otherwise numb feet and hands are really not the things which you’ll like in a public place or in front of your guests.

Prevention And Cure Of Numb Feet:


Prevention of numb feet
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Prevention is better than the cure and here are some preventative tips for that embarrassing numbness.

1. Exercise: Proper exercise can also help preventing such situations by increasing the blood flow in your body. For the prevention of numb feet, the stretching exercises and jogging can be done on regular basis.

2. Eat Healthy: One should always eat a healthy diet consisting of proper nutrients so that he never have to face tiredness and exhaustion and can stay numbness free in office, home or anywhere.

3. Keep Changing Sitting Positions: Sitting in the same pose for a continuous period of time can also result in numb feet, therefore, this should also be avoided.

4. Wearing The Right Shoes: Shoes with high heels and irregular shape which pinches your feet can also cause numbness in them. The use of comfortable shoes is suggested to avoid that error and buying the additional insoles for your shoes can also help improving the comfort.



Cure of numb feet
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1. Losing the tight fitting clothes: Whenever your feet get numb, loose all the tight fitting clothes and accessories like stockings and shoes so that the blood flow in your feet can increase and they can be brought back from the numbness.

2. Massage: A proper massage can also be done to cure your numb feet. Massaging the sole of the feet and pressure points can really help.

3. Warming Up The Feet:Warm water, clothes, and pads can be used to warm a person’s numb feet. Warming doesn’t only help in bringing the blood flow back but also gets the person the rid of exhaustion.

4. Visiting your doctor:If the numbness occurs on a regular basis and doesn’t go off easily then you should really consult your doctor immediately so that it does not evolve into a bigger problem.

Fibromyalgia and diabetes are another conditions which can lead to dumb feet and if it occurs due to these conditions, then an appointment with a doctor is really suggested.

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