Raveena Tandon Called Female Celebs ‘Soft Targets’ In Drug Case

After the A-list Bollywood celebs were exposed in the drug case. Actress Raveena Tandon Calling them ‘soft targets’ said "No Drug Supplying...
High Life Known as “Queen Of The Dark” This Model Has a Unique Skin Colour...

Known as “Queen Of The Dark” This Model Has a Unique Skin Colour in The World, See Viral Photos

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Nyakim Gatwech, a girl who became world famous all because of her skin color. She is a South Sudanese model who’s teaching people not to be afraid of the dark. With her deeply pigmented skin and fierce determination, she is taking the internet by storm through her conventional beauty, and encouraging others to do exactly the same. Nyakim is 24 years old and is a fashion icon.

Gatwech has faced self-esteem issues. People commented on her for her incredibly dark skin. Some even asked her to apply bleach to lighten skin color. But she learned to embrace her beauty and pigmentation with love. She was supported by her fans on social media and today she is a star. She’s even been dubbed “Queen of the Dark,” a title she happily accepts. She has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Take a look at her super glamorous photos:











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