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The Most Controversial Restaurant of The World, Food is Served on Naked Female Bodies

The world is full of bizarre people as well as things. How if one day you get your dinner on a naked female body? Your eyes will pop out! Isn’t it? Believe or not! There is a restaurant in Japan named Nyotaimori that serves sushi and sashimi on the naked body of a woman.

‘Nyotaimori’ is actually a bizarre tradition which termed as serving sushi on a naked woman’s body. The same practice with a naked man is called ‘Nantaimori’.

Theorists say this art is originated from Japanese Samurai Warriors. When Samurai warriors won a battle, they celebrated with great pomp and show. One of the things in the celebration was that the warriors ate food on naked female models. These celebrations were also generally held in the houses of Geisha (Japanese female entertainers and dancers).

Now Japanese has embraced this ancient tradition again and this trend is creating a buzz in the whole world. Customers serve the food on a body and place that on an operating table for the diners’ delight. Everything within her is completely edible. However, this practice has been described as decadent, cruel, and objectifying by others in the world.


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