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Nysa Devgn Gets Trolled Again For Looks And Clothes, Ajay Devgn Hits Back

Nysa Devgn Gets Trolled Again For Looks And Clothes, Ajay Devgn Hits Back


Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s 14 years old daughter Nysa Devgn always gets trolled by social media users for her looks and dressing sense. Recently, a photo of her went viral on social media in which the starkid was seen wearing a blue hoodie dress.

14-year-old Nysa got trolled for her looks and dress. According to trollers, it seemed that she wore nothing under her dress. She got negative comments such as “she forgot to wear her pants.” Now it’s Nysa’s doting father Ajay Devgn who hits back at the trollers.

While talking to a leading daily, the actor said, “She is just a 14-year-old and I feel, at times, people forget that and talk rubbish. She was wearing such a long shirt and she was also wearing shorts. Now because of the length of the shirt, her shorts weren’t visible and the kid got trolled for that.”

Ajay Devgn also criticizes the paparazzi culture, said it is not good for any starkid. According to Ajay, their children are suffering because of them. They are not able to grow as a normal child because their parents are stars.

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Ajay requested the paparazzi to at least spare the children. It is not their children’s fault that they are born to celebrity parents, the actor said. Ajay feels starkids are uncomfortable with the paparazzi. They want their space. They don’t want to dress up every time they step out. So it is upsetting.

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