High Life Obama V/S Wild : President Obama Explores Alaska With Bear Grylls

Obama V/S Wild : President Obama Explores Alaska With Bear Grylls

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must have heard of the show Man v/s wild or Running Wild with Bear Grylls.In light of the Paris climate change conference , President of the United States,Barack Obama made an appearance on the show exploring the wilds of Alaska with show’s host Bear Grylls.

The Presidential episode though was taped in September but it will air on Indian television on 31st December

Obama spent three days on the trip , witnessing nature first hand he pressed for a  faster mechanism for environment protection.

Bear Grylls and President Obama took a selfie during the expedition

Gazing off at majestic glaciers, Obama said:

“I have two daughters, and I don’t want grandkids too soon. But eventually I hope to have some. And I want to make sure that this is there for them, not just us,” Obama said.

Obama is shown tasting the leftovers of salmon which was chewed by grizzlies ,  and also talking about whether he would drink his own urine.

Bear grylls (left) With president Barack Obama

On new year’s eve ,  you’ll see a side of Obama which you won’t have seen before.Catch this show on Discovery channel.

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