News Octopus Squeezes Through A Tiny Hole, Video Is Really Awful

Octopus Squeezes Through A Tiny Hole, Video Is Really Awful

A video of an octopus squeezing through a small hole resurfaced on social media and it will really make you feel awful. You are warned to see this video if you suffer from Heterophobia, fear of creepy crawlies. This video was posted in 2011 but got viral on Reddit home page today.

The video shows the creature desperately trying to escape the fishing boat. “He can’t get through that”, a voice exclaims in the video. “You are wrong my friend”, says the person shooting the video. People gets shocked when the determined octopus gets out of the tiny hole and drops in the ocean.

See the octopus’ great escape here

The octopus amazed with its skills on social media. “I guess there’s no point in eating it, it would find a way to get out of your stomach.”, said a comment on YouTube.

The video was shot by Chance Miller, a fisherman from Alaska.

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