Alia Bhatt’s Dress At The Cost of A Four-Day Trip To Dubai

Alia Bhatt's dress worn on Riddhima's Birthday will surprise you. As it is equal to the cost of four days luxurious Dubai...
High Life Bored? Check These "Oh My God" Facts

Bored? Check These “Oh My God” Facts

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oh my god facts

One of the most dangerous scorpions in the world, the venom of deathstalker has an ironic effect. While the sting is extremely painful and life-threatening to the children and elders, it also has the potential to treat brain tumors and diabeties.

facts related to airport

The Transportation Security Administration will not let you through airport security with more than 3.4 oz of liquid except when when you have fish in it. This is because large amount of liquids are banned as they could conceal explosives but if the liquid contains explosives, the fish won’t survive.

thomas paine

One of the America’s founding fathers, Thomas Paine said all religions were human inventions and were made to terrify and enslave mankind, only six people attended his funeral.

facts about spiderman

Remember the scene from Spiderman (2002) when Peter Parker catches Mary Jane’s tray in the school cafeteria? Interesting fact is that it does not have any CGI. The whole thing was done by Tobey Maguire himself. It took him 156 takes to get it perfect.

facts about nailpolish and lipstick

Why the lipsticks look so shiny? Here is the reason. Fish scales are used in certain lipsticks and nail polish to make it shimmer and reflect light.

facts about football

Soccer player Ronaldinho came to media attention at 13 years of age when his team won 23-0 and he scored all 23 goals.

largest office

The Pentagon is 6.5M square ft. (2X the Empire State Building) and occupied by 23,000 people and making it the biggest office building in the world. It was designed in a such a way that no point in the building is more than 10 minutes walk to another point and it took only 16 months to construct it.

facts about fire fliesFire flies are the most efficient producers of light in the world, even when compared to modern light bulbs.

rose facts

This Rare Black Rose is found only in Turkey

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