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Anonymous video chat is one of the most popular services for finding strangers to chat with online. Here, in general, registration is not required, and connecting to a new chat partner takes literally one click. Also, the number of chat partners is not limited in any way. You can switch to a new connection at least every 10 seconds in search of someone interesting.

However, as we’re sure you’re aware, there are some “buts”. And first of all, this relates to male users. On most popular video chats, the ratio of men to women is unequal. In some cases, it is 60:40, which is quite acceptable, but there are video chats where girls are only 20-30%. Plus you need to remember that not all sites have a gender filter. This means that the service is much more likely to connect men with other men. This is a serious drawback that you can just put up with, or you can look for some kind of alternative. Fortunately, one already exists.

Omega TV video chat
Omega TV video chat

Chatting with girls non-stop

The main thing that sets apart from its competitors is its helpful gender filter. Let’s put that in context with similar services. There are other video chat services with a gender filter that lets you chat to just girls on the Internet. They work as follows: a person visits the site, indicates the gender, and starts searching. But there are several factors that mean this approach does not always work correctly: 

  •  the user may accidentally or deliberately indicate the wrong gender
  •  advertising broadcasts are often hidden within “female” profiles
  •  the gender filter system itself may malfunction. takes a much better and more sophisticated approach. It works like this: 

  1.  A girl registers on the site, fills out her profile and enters basic information.
  •  Each new user goes through an account verification stage. This makes it possible to completely exclude bots, advertising broadcasts, and suchlike from video chat. 
  • Men who register on OmegleTV are connected exclusively with girls by the system. And we remind you that these are real people who want to chat.
  • This format makes OmegleTV video chat the best alternative to classic chat roulettes. Especially for those who are looking for a serious relationship, or want to at least flirt. 

How many girls are there on Omegle TV chat roulette?

At any time of the day and regardless of the day of the week, there are more than a thousand potential chat partners online. All of them are ready to meet and talk. Some may say that’s not too many compared to other sites, but the comparison isn’t meaningful.

“Why not?” you may ask. Well, take Omegle for example — the first ever chat roulette.  Sometimes there are more than 30 thousand users online, which seems like a lot, however…

  1.  About 70% of Omegle’s audience are men.
  1.  There is simply no gender filter. Or even a geographic one. You can only choose a language. This is not enough to find yourself a companion with whom you can build a  relationship. 
  1.  Omegle has never been famous for its moderation. That is why bots, advertisements and very problematic users are found on there all the time. Sometimes so often that it ruins the image of video chat services in general.

Even with a seemingly huge number of users, it is very difficult to find an interesting chat partner offering the prospect of a genuine relationship. This requires patience and sometimes takes an unacceptable amount of time. 

In OmegleTV video chat, you will only chat with girls. Added to that there’s high quality video and sound, modern website design, a user-friendly interface, so you’ll get a truly excellent service. 

An additional bonus for users

Most webcam chat services with girls are classic websites. That is, they’re designed for computers and laptops. Not every site even offers a browser version that displays and functions normally on smartphones and tablets.

OmegleTV chat has a mobile version, which means that users can enjoy video chat to the maximum from their smartphones. Try it, it’s really convenient. 

OmegleTV — paid video chat. But it’s worth it!

Unlike the already mentioned Omegle, OmegleTV video chat is a paid service. But firstly, the price won’t break the bank. Secondly, all users can explore the site’s features for free during the trial period. Only then do they need to decide whether they’re willing to pay for full access to all functions. 

Paid access offers another advantage — OmegleTV is not littered with advertising, as other sites are. Plus, it allows us to maintain a large staff of moderators to ensure that all your interactions are pleasant, and offer quick answers to your questions or concerns. 

To pay or not to pay is your choice. But we are convinced that if you look at both the basic, less functional, and more controversial free services, and the polished and versatile high-quality paid services, your choice is obvious. But why not try out for yourself and form your own opinion about this video chat with girls? We’re sure you’ll like it!