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Trending OMG! A Pregnant Man In Germany Gives Birth To A Baby

OMG! A Pregnant Man In Germany Gives Birth To A Baby

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A man from Germany has given birth to a baby. The person, however, is a male, but has developed female reproductive organs.

The Baby was born in the house of the man himself. He insisted on a home birth because he refused to be listed as the mother on any hospital documents which serves as a legal requirement in Germany.


The baby was delivered in Berlin with the help of midwives at home. The person is a transgender and identified as a male in the Government records.

He reportedly became pregnant through a sperm donation so the baby officially has only a mother and no father. This case is very similar to that of Thomas Beatie who gave birth to three children in US as a transgender.


Transgender people are able to give birth to children because even when a woman undergoes hormone therapy to become more physically masculine, they can retain female organs.

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