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OMG! Bhaijan, Sonakshi And Katrina Get Sued For This By Vibrant Media Group




As we were all waiting for Bhaijan’s “Race 3” to be released. Finally, the movie released and we all are enjoying our Bhaijan’s movie. But let me tell you all that incident which can spoil your mood.

Vibrant Media Group sued Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha. The reason behind this, they all were expected to perform at concert abroad. They allegedly neither appeared at the concert for performance nor returned the amount they took in advance. A spokesperson from the Vibrant Media Group was quoted saying, “All calls to Mr Khan, his agents, and other artists, for the return of the funds have gone unanswered.”

The officials of componay said that they have incurred a loss of USD 1million which includes USD 200,00 which Salman Khan owes to them. Whereas Sonakshi and Katrina have to return them USD 40,000 and 36,000 respectively.