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Entertainment OMG! Kim Kardashian Wears Pre-Approved Dresses By Her Husband? Here Are Many...

OMG! Kim Kardashian Wears Pre-Approved Dresses By Her Husband? Here Are Many Other Rules!

No Jewellery in The House

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The rule applies to everyone that steps foot in Kanye and Kim’s house. A source close to Kardashians says that Kanye and Kim follow a rule to not keep any jewellery inside the house. This rule was implemented after the robbery in Paris, in which Kim was held by Gunpoint and left completely traumatized. Their property has even more 24/7 security staff that keeping everything safe. But the no jewellery makes sure that the expensive possessions are kept safely elsewhere.

Pre-Approved Outfits Only

Kanye definitely has a lot of opinions when it comes to fashion. And by the looks of it, Kim has to listen to those opinions all the time. But not only listen! she also has to follow his rules and only wear outfits that are pre-approved by her husband.

No Striped Scarves

This fashion rule comes from a tweetstorm from 2012 when talked about some of the fashion don’ts he definitely doesn’t approve off. He said he absolutely hates big striped scarves, sports coats with button up shirts, hoodies with sports coats and more. And he made all those observations while driving through his city.

Don’t Be Casual

In 2016, the internet went crazy after someone posted a snapchat of backstage rules Kanye made the models obey for his fashion show. There are over 38 rules. But some of them are contradictory to each other.

Bonus Fees

Here is an interesting rule Kanye implemented for the Tidal company. Tidal is the music service owned by Jay-Z. Kanye successfully collaborated with Tidal for his album called ‘The Life Of Pablo” in 2016. But it seems like Tidal broke the one rule Kanye had for the company. Well, it was actually an official contract that was negotiated between the artist and the music service. The company had to pay Kanye a hefty 100% bonus for bringing in 1.5 million Kanye fans to the website. That’s 3 million dollars, which is quite a lot of money. According to Kanye’s sources Tidal never paid. So, what happened when you break the rules? well, judging by these reports, you’ll loose Kanye if you do. As of 2018, it is unclear whether Kanye is still involved with Tidal or what has happened between them.

No Smiling

So, Kanye also a rule for himself. He doesn’t just control his life or the people around him, he also keeps himself in check. Kanye keeps a straight face in photos. In 2015 Kim, also stopped smiling in photos.

No Phones At a Table

When Kanye and Kim first began dating, they followed one of old Kanye rules. According to Kim, She had a lot of trouble implementing the rules at first. Kanye makes sure Kim never brings a phone or interacts with a phone whenever they are going out to eat. Did you know that Kanye didn’t have a phone for four years?

Don’t Follow Fashion Rules

Yeah! there are only Kanye’s own fashion rules to follow. So, he said not to follow any other fashion rules.







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