At 70, Actor Kabir Bedi is one lucky man to have found such a pretty bride! The actor married his long time girlfriend Parveen Dusanj last week in a private ceremony.


Kabir gave his friends and family a pleasant surprise at his birthday celebrations when he announced his marriage with Parveen (42). They got married on 15th January in a private ceremony at his friend’s Alibaug estate.


This is Kabir’s fourth marriage and Parveen’s first. They have been in a relationship since 10 years. He was previously married to late Odissi dancer Protima Gauri Bedi, then British-born fashion designer Susan Humphreys. TV and radio presenter Nikki Bedi was his third wife.

His daughter from Protima Bedi, Actress Pooja Bedi was not too happy about the wedding. She was also notably absent from the wedding pics. She posted this tweet which she quickly retracted.


The actress posted: “Every fairytale has a wicked witch or an evil step-mother! Mine just arrived! @iKabirBedi just married @parveendusanj”.

To which Kabir Bedi replied “Deeply disappointed by venomous comments by my daughter Pooja against @parveendusanj just after we married. No excuse for bad behaviour.”

Some family drama!

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