Sidharth Shukla To Co-Host Big Boss-14 With Salman Khan

Indian actor Sidharth Shukla will be co-hosting the 14th season of Bigg Boss along with Salman Khan. 
Trending On June 1 2016, It Will Be Possible To See Saturn From...

On June 1 2016, It Will Be Possible To See Saturn From Naked Eyes

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Yes, the gas planet Saturn will be visible in the sky on June 1, 2016 and this news is confirmed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) itself.

According to NASA, this miracle will really occur due to the position of Saturn which will be the closest to earth from the last 10,000 years. 1st June 2016 is really going to be a great day for the same reason, especially for the astronomy lovers and science students.

Saturn on 1st June

The search of life on Mars was the most incredible thing for astronomers but, unfortunately, they got no results. The visibility of Saturn from earth will surely give the NASA and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) a break from this research and will open up the new roots for discoveries about planet Saturn.

Many people still think that the news of Saturn’s appearance is a hoax just like all the other previous space news but this is what actually NASA’s spokesperson George Pooler have to say about this incident, “Saturn does not often come this close to Earth, and this will be a sight no one currently living has ever seen.

Moreover, NASA also confirms that as Saturn will be closer to earth, it will be possible to see the other side of Saturn for the first time.Saturn on 1st June

We are extremely excited to be able to study this planet better, but also, that people will be able to get a glimpse of an amazing, ringed planet, which is not something normally able to happen,” said George Pooler.

The Saturn was also closer to Earth in 1930 but not as close as this. Saturn on 1st June

Here’s a footage of Earth and Moon taken in space from the atmosphere closer to Saturn.

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