High Life On This International Literacy Day, Know The Benefits Of Reading A Book

On This International Literacy Day, Know The Benefits Of Reading A Book

In India especially the one thing our grandparents, parents, all the relatives from head to the toe of a family, friends, neighbours all are concerned about a teenager or even an adult education. A lot of emphases is given to education by the whole world around you actually. Today is the International Literacy Day, today the whole world celebrates literacy, which has made all of us enlighten about the happenings of the whole world around us.

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Reading is a necessity without reading you are good for nothing because you have no knowledge. When was the last time you read a novel ? or even a newspaper ? Today youth  is becoming socially aware and tries to gather everything from it only. But social media cannot replace Reading ! On this literacy day lets us know the benefits of reading one by one –

Forces you to think !

reading forces you to think
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Studies have shown that mental stimulation can prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s since your brain keeps on engaging in reading, it works, and  forces you to think which provide stimulation to your brain. Various games are beneficial for your brain functioning like quiz and chess.

Reading keeps you Relax

you feel reaxed
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When you are reading a good novel it transports you to another world, you start imaging things and you forget all your tensions, worries and feel relaxed. Even while reading an article or story, anything which interests you.

Helps in gaining Knowledge

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When you read you also learn about new things, places, events, in short, you gain knowledge about a particular thing. Reading books introduce  you to various different topics and keeps you equipped with always something to do. The more knowledge you have, more easy for you to tackle any life situation, you start finding solutions from the turn of events you read in a book, novel, story and try to find solutions from it.

Reading improves Vocabulary

improves vocabulary
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The more you read, the more exposure you get to different words and expressions. You learn from them and use in your daily life. You feel confident when you know more words, about books, writers, culture.

With Reading, your writing improves

Writing improves
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The more words you know, the more you can play with words and write better. So, if you want to improve your writing skills start reading.

Reading Improves memory

improves memory
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When you start reading a book you automatically remember their names, story, history, subplots, main plot, different characters. But the brain gives your memory a boost and your memory start getting better and better.

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