High Life Once Denied Permission To Go On Board, New York Mayor Declares...

Once Denied Permission To Go On Board, New York Mayor Declares Oct 19 As Waris Ahluwalia Day

In an impressive and incredible gesture, the New York city has declared October 19 , as Waris Ahluwalia Day. Those who do not know about Waris Ahluwalia let us enlighten you about this man. Waris is a popular model,  an actor, and designer in New York  and has become the face of the Sikh community in America.  The honor was bestowed upon Ahluwalia when the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio hosted a special reception at his official residence.


According to The Indian Express, actor, and designer Waris Ahluwalia has been honoured for his powerful message of “countering ignorance and advocating understanding and tolerance.”


The mayor  praised Ahluwalia saying “proudly wearing his Dastar (turban) wherever he goes and by doing so, sending a powerful message to our city, to our country of countering ignorance, celebrating inclusion and advocating for religious understanding and tolerance in everything he does.”


Waris Ahluwalia was recently in the news as he was denied on a flight to board because of he was a turban. The honor was bestowed on him at a special gathering in New York, on the occasion of Diwali. He said that he is grateful for the honor. He added later that  “People would glare at me with anger and hate as I walked down my own streets, in my own hometown. That was very confusing for me”.

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