Once Doctors Declared Amitabh Bachchan As Dead After This Accident

Late night on Saturday, Bollywood’s Big B, Amitabh Bachchan found to be Covid-19 Positive which is a wave of concern across the country. However, he has been admitted to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai and is undergoing treatment. Amitabh himself gave information about being infected with Corona virus in a tweet at 10.52 am.

Along with Amitabh, his son Abhishek Bachchan has also tested corona positive. The news of relief is that both have mild symptoms of corona like mild fever and mild phlegm. Junior Bachchan has also been admitted to Nanavati Hospital along with Senior Bachchan.

The incident when Amitabh got heavily injured

During the shooting of the film Coolie in 1982, the incident with Big B will never be forgotten by Big B, nor by any fan. On July 26, 1982, Amitabh Bachchan was fighting with Villain Punis Issar in a fight scene during the shooting of Coolie. Punis was supposed to punch lightly in Amitabh’s stomach but accidentally he punched so hard that Amitabh collided with a steel table present there. After this incident, Big B suffered a very deep injury in his stomach, the injury was so deep that the intestines including his stomach membrane were badly damaged.

According to the reports, then the doctors who reached there had declared Amitabh dead in a hurry. Amitabh Bachchan was in severe condition due to bleeding inside the stomach. He was admitted to the hospital and hastily taken blood from about 200 blood donors and offered 60 bottles of blood. Later it was reported that the blood of one of the blood donors was infected with Hepatitis-B virus. After this, Amitabh suffered from jaundice, a disease caused by this virus.

It is believed that on August 2, Big B celebrates his second birthday, because he had a successful surgery on the same day in the year 1980 and got a new life. But the incident on the set of Coolie caused Big B to suffer many other diseases and live with them.

Myasthenia gravis

After surgery, he was given heavy dose medicines, due to which he succumbed to a disease called myasthenia gravis. According to the information, it is a neuromuscular disorder, which weakens the muscles of the body and makes it very difficult to move.

Diverticulitis of small intestine

The accident caused Big B to suffer another new disease, named diverticulitis of small intestine. According to the information, due to this disease, there is severe pain in the stomach and at the same time the digestive system also does not work properly. Later, he had to undergo surgery to cure the disease.

At the same time, he became a victim of the virus due to Hepatitis-B infected blood transfusion. The virus had a huge impact on Big B’s liver, which was revealed during a routine checkup 18 years after the accident. It was reported that his liver is badly infected due to the virus and he has liver cirrhosis.

In order to root out the disease, Big-B underwent a surgery in 2012, in which about 75% of his liver was cutted. Since then, Big B has been living with around 25 per cent lever.

Apart from these diseases, Amitabh has also fallen victim to TB. Apart from this, he also has asthma and this keeps increasing his troubles from time to time. All this way, the 77-year-old Big B has overcome many serious illnesses in his life and we hopes to return to his home by beating the coronavirus soon.