Once Irrfan Khan Insulted Shah Rukh Khan Infront of All!

In the year 2016, during 61st Filmfare Award which is considered most prestigious film award, something happened. That something shocked everyone who was sitting there! It was a faceoff between the two ace actors of the Bollywood. 

Yes, you read it right! A faceoff between late actor Irrfan Khan and SRK left everyone speechless as it seemed to be a start of a tiff. It was an interesting cultural exchange between Shah Rukh Khan and Irrfan Khan. Yes, Irrfan and Shah Rukh sparred over, their ‘kinds of cinema’ and to be fair that would’ve been one extremely interesting debate if it got real. Somewhere it seemed that Irrfan has lost his cool but in the end, things went to normal. Other celebrities in the audience were all shocked after hearing the war of words coming from the mouth of these two actors.

Watch the video:

It was fascinating to see Irrfan Khan took a sarcastic jibe at Shah Rukh for doing the same stuff again and again, while the latter refused to entertain him and introduce him properly. Then they proceeded to do different takes while Shah Rukh Khan attempted a Piku while Irrfan showed his inner Raj Aryan.