Once Salman Khan Publicly Ashamed Sushant Singh Rajput


The whole twitter is currently flooding with Sushant Singh Rajput’s reason of suicide. Twitterati’s seems to be very curious to find the exact reason behind the actor’s demise. Even social media questioned Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt about this already.

As soon as Salman Khan paid tribute to Sushant on Twitter, people chased Salman Khan and reminded him of the bygone days.

This incident is from 2016. The media asked Salman if he was producing Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer Drive. On this, Salman asked who Sushant. People told that Sushant Singh Rajput of Dhoni. So Salman’s answer was why would I make film with him.

It was also reported that there was an argument between Sushant Singh Rajput and Suraj Pancholi at a film party. When this news reached Salman, his anger was on the seventh sky and he banned Sushant Singh Rajput from his production house.

However, both Sooraj and Sushant at the time denied this news and said that they are good friends and keep meeting. But now people are blaming Salman for Sushant’s condition. People have also saying to Salman a lot on twitter. Have a look at these post:

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