India One Home but Two Countries

One Home but Two Countries

Yes, in our eastern international border, there is a village named Lungwa and situated 380 kilometres towards north-east of Nagaland’s capital Kohima. This is really a beautiful village. According to 2011 census, there are 732 families that consist of 5132 people overall.

The people of this tribe belongs to Konyak Naga Tribe which is one of the biggest tribes amongst 16 most recognized tribes. The chief of this tribe is addressed with the title Angh. The interesting fact is that the Indo-Myanmar line passes through the Angh’s house. But the borders don’t divide them. But, the one house is situated in two countries. Angh is the connection between his masses and government and responsible for development in Lungwa. He is the King of the tribe and has a lot of dignity and pride. His region spreads across 75 villages out of which are in Myanmar and in Arunachal Pradesh.

Another interesting fact is that the people of Lungwa village are enjoying the citizenship of both countries. They go across borders for jobs and other works. The people here understand Hindi little bit but basically, they speak Tibetan Burmese. Boundaries and nationalities do not divide them. Though they are between two nations they are not bound by it.




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