News World One Man, 6 Marriages and 54 Children Meet Abdul Majeed From Pakistan

One Man, 6 Marriages and 54 Children Meet Abdul Majeed From Pakistan

The population of Pakistan is increasing with twice a speed of India. According to the Population census that comes after 19 years, the population in Pakistan is increasing with an average speed of 2.4% every year. And people like Abdul Majeed has contributed to it. 70 years old Abdul Majeed is a professional driver. He claims to be a father of 54 children and husband of 6 wives.

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Truck driver Abdul Majeed lives in Quetta, Pakistan and has 22 sons and 20 daughters. When Abdul was 18 years old, he married for the first time. After that, he married for 5 times more.  His two wives died while giving birth to babies. His 12 children also died of different diseases as the family didn’t have money to treat them properly.

Abdul says he was very healthy when he was young. He never regretted of having a number of children but now he is getting old and his financial condition is getting worse because of above 50 family members. He only earns from 10-15 thousand Rs per month as a truck driver and it is difficult to raise such a beast like family in such a minimal amount.

Abdul’s elder son becomes 32 years old now and he is helping his family financially by adopting his father’s career i.e as a Truck Driver. Their family lives in a house comprises of 7 rooms. Family members are living poorly and struggle every day to lead a normal life.

Abdul says he wants his children to get educated. He is trying hard to get them better education but due to the financial crisis, many of his children are not able to go to the school.


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