One Man Army, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


A man who termed as the man of nation,who made the INDIA a free nation. He is not with us but he will always be with us in our heart,soul.

Gandhi ji born on 2 october 1869, Porbandar, the man who change the nation a soul which
will never die till the lifelong  are in the heart of people, no one post on his birthday, but I as a true citizen of india like to post on his birthday, A many many happy birthday gandhi ji,you are not physically, but you will remain in the heart of indians till our last breathe.


“Mahatma Gandhi’s quotations on subjects like truth, nonviolence, Satyagraha, etc., are known universally. But what were his views on copyright? Or what had he to say about a rose or a right angle? It will be amusing and enlightening to know this.
This is a collection of pithy sayings of Mahatma Gandhi on various subjects and important issues for rapid reference. The compiler has selected a few thousand epigrams from Gandhiji’s voluminous writings. The epigrams have been arranged alphabetically and the source of each epigram is given below it.”


The youth must be known about his dedication for his country, to make the country free from dictatorship,he devoted his life. But he always says that “for hiding 1 truth you have to lie mannier times”, a single man who threw out the Britishers from his Country.


Love you Gandhi ji, will miss your presence always, your blessings are always with us, and will celebrate your birthday like this every year.

Regards:-A Citizen of Indian.


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